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The Collaborative Poetry Project


The Hourglass Poetry Project

On Friday the 13th during a full moon, we asked our community on Instagram to help us write a poem together. We asked all of you to give us your favorite juicy words, and we strung them together into a poem.

(Now it’s your turn—if you want to use these words to make your own poem, here they are. Write, enjoy, send it to us, and we’ll share it, and then we will all have more poetry in our lives. Isn’t that nice?! )

effervescent space adjacent to baseball

the celestial pours down my backbone.

i’m frozen.

my eyes blush.

incandescent, sparkling explosions build—

it’s irresistible.

i am galvanized.

my rotten pours out.

forgetting entropy and fog.

a fervor,

a smorgasbord of phantasmagorical radiance.

an untroubled love,





i believe.

in family. in boston.

alchemy scribbles rhythmically



blissful cosmic squish.

this is a bonanza.

i bleed, breathless

but i am balanced, dearest.

imagine rigid fluidity,

willowy stardust,

a cauldron.

passion loves endurance.

serendipity loves resilience.

i understand. i believe.

a plethora of feminist letters,

resilient envoys of love,

unequivocally revolve around vice.

i had squared myself,

a rumpled shamble,

a resilient octopus,

a pumpernickel firefly in jellies,

a yellow botanical,

into forgetting love.

i am not nostalgic.

like a potato smitten with butter,

my vice is serendipity.

my lover is serendipity.

i punctuate my wanderlust

with fiduciary wiggles.

if wonder is a reminder,

if yes yields family,

if honeysuckle satiates,

if forgetting is luscious,

trust it.



cast sedatives aside.

my heartbeat amplifies.

i salivate.